Campus Sustainability Council launches online tour

Solar panelsWhen people ask what sustainability measures Colorado College has initiated, do you point with pride to pervious paving? Compliment the composting program? Praise The Preserve? Expound enthusiastically on the environmental mobile lab and energy audits?
Colorado College has a variety of sustainability initiatives in place, and to help increase awareness of them, the Campus Sustainability Council has launched the Campus Sustainability Virtual Tour: Links to the site are posted on CC’s internal and external home pages, as well as the sustainability page.
The online tour is the brainchild of George Eckhardt in facilities services, and Mark Lee and Jen Kulier in the office of communications. All three are members of the Campus Sustainability Council.
“We wanted to promote awareness to the campus community and the larger outside community as to what the various efforts are at CC with regards to sustainability,” Lee said.
“So many things are happening on campus, and we wanted to locate all initiatives in one place,” said Kulier. “Hopefully, the more people learn about it, the more they will get involved.”
The tour, which includes text, photos, video, and maps, has 16 major points of interest, as well as one called “More Sustainability Initiatives.” Among the initiatives featured on the tour are the CC Student Garden, the solar panels on the Edith Gaylord Apartments, the car-sharing program, and water-saving landscaping. The online tour also includes an option for a printable version for those who want one.
The online sustainability tour, which took about three months to create, develop, and post, is aimed at multiple audiences: the campus community, alumni, prospective students, and community members.
“This sustainability tour will be invaluable in communicating to everyone on how the broader college community is contributing to campus sustainability. I learned a lot from going through the tour myself,” Eckhardt said.
The format is similar to the CC historic walking tour ( which was launched in 2008.

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  1. You truly are blazing a sustainability trail! I’d be curious to see figures showing the savings you’ve realized from having a solar electric system installed on the Gaylord apartments. As one who wholeheartedly supports renewable energy and solar energy in particular, it’s wonderful to see you’re planning to expand your commitment to solar.

  2. I really enjoyed the campus sustainability online tour, not just to see the various initiatives but also the format of the presentation. Kudos to the Colorado College Campus Sustainability Council for all of the wonderful initiatives implemented and for generously sharing and educating and increasing awareness about sustainability management.

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