CC Students Join National Recycling Competition

In addition to Trash Peak, CC will kick off Recyclemania with “Bring Your Own Mug day at Colorado Coffee,” which is a collaborative event by EnAct and Bon Apetit. On Wednesday, Feb. 9, Colorado Coffee will not be offering any hot or cold disposable cups, to encourage people to bring their own reusable ones. If you don’t have a mug, you will have the option to buy a reusable one with your gold card.

Recyclemania Competition results as of February 18

By George Eckhardt, Facilities Services Colorado College is making news in the current 2010 Recyclemania Competition, the second year of participation; some good and some not-so-good news. Recyclemania began on January 17 and runs for 10 weeks through March 27. The college is participating in three categories of the competition: Grand Champion, Per Capita Classic, and Waste Minimization.  At this …

Campus Sustainability Council launches online tour

When people ask what sustainability measures Colorado College has initiated, do you point with pride to pervious paving? Compliment the composting program? Praise The Preserve? Expound enthusiastically on the environmental mobile lab and energy audits? Colorado College has a variety of sustainability initiatives in place, and to help increase awareness of them, the Campus Sustainability …