The veiled birthday celebration

VeilsGina Lujan’s 50th birthday was kept under wraps, sort of.
Lujan is the benefits specialist in the CC Human Resources department. And Tuesday, she discovered one of the “benefits” of working in that office: The entire department wore black and adorned themselves in veils to commemorate Lujan’s 50th birthday.
All six members of the department wore black tulle veils that Human Resources Manager Pam Butler whipped up the night before. Lujan had no idea what was in store when she arrived at work, and at first was mystified when one by one, her coworkers walked into her office wearing the black veils. (They later presented her with a veil too.) Shaleen Prehm, human resources manager and benefits administrator, baked a “dirt” cake with gummy worms for the occasion, and decorated Lujan’s office with balloons.

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  1. Steve says:

    “Happy” Birthday, Gina! The next 50 will be even better!

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