Reception Honors 107 Published CC Faculty, Staff Authors

Authors for ATBColorado College’s 2013 authors’ reception honored a record-breaking 107 participants this year. Many of the participants, which included both faculty and staff, were on hand for a photo, taken during the reception on Monday, March 25 in the Learning Commons of Tutt Library.

The biennial event featured remarks by Dean Sandra Wong, who noted that works often go through many edits and revisions before publication, and that it is appropriate to take time and celebrate the finished product.

Event organizer Jessy Randall, curator and archivist for Colorado College Special Collections, said published works of all varieties were included: books, articles, audio recordings, films, sheet music, and encyclopedia entries. The publications were displayed throughout the Learning Commons during the reception. films, sheet music, and encyclopedia entries. The publications were displayed throughout the Learning Commons during the reception.

College records show that the first reception was held in 1996 and was an annual event until 1999; however, there were no receptions for the next three years. Randall, who was hired in May of 2001, held the first authors’ reception in the spring of 2003, and they have been held biennially since then. The next authors’ reception is scheduled for 2015.

This year’s list of Colorado College published authors includes, in alphabetical order:

  • Richard Agee, Megan Anderson, Daniel Arroyo-Rodriguez, Susan Ashley
  • Ryan Raul Bañagale, Ofer Ben-Amots, Diane Benninghoff ,Tamara Bentley, Ralph Bertrand, Salvatore Bizzarro, Noel Black, Peter Blasenheim, Nathan Bower, David Brown, Andrea Bruder
  • Aaron Cohick, Tracy Coleman, Jessica Giles Copeland, Tom Cronin
  • Marcia Dobson, Amy Dounay
  • James Ebersole, Kristi Erdal, Joan Ericson, Re Evitt
  • Aju Fenn, Timothy Fuller, Rick Anthony Furtak
  • Ivan Gaetz, Claire Garcia, Idris Goodwin, John Gould, Eve Grace, Susan Grace, Emilie Gray, Neena Grover
  • Clay Haskell, Sarah Hautzinger, Steven Hayward, M. Shane Heschel, Jane Hilberry, Marion Hourdequin, Jessica Hunter-Larsen, Anne Hyde
  • Bob Jacobs, Calla Jacobson, Daniel Johnson
  • Phillip Kannan, Vibha Kapuria-Foreman
  • Tass Kelso, Ruth Kolarik, Miroslav Kummel
  • Steve Lawson, Jonathan Lee, Robert Lee, Eric Leonard, Victoria Levine, Daryl Lindsay-Alder, Brian Linkhart, Robert Loevy, Clara Lomas, Genevieve Love, Phoebe Lostroh, Kristina Lybecker
  • Andreea Marinescu, David Mason, Corina McKendry, Sarah Milteer, Gail Murphy-Geiss, Paul Myrow
  • Dylan Nelson, Jeremy Nelson, Jeffrey B. Noblett
  • Michael O’Riley
  • Jim Parco, Eric Perramond
  • Jessy Randall, Kevin Rask, Esther Redmount, Jared Richman, Andrea Righi, John Riker, Tomi-Ann Roberts, Wade Roberts, Carrie Ruiz
  • Tracy Santa, Corinne Scheiner, Sarah Schwarz, Stephen Scott, Dennis Showalter, Christine Siddoway, John Simons, Rashna Singh, Mark Smith, Randy Stiles, Larry Stimpert
  • Mike Taber, Sanjaya Thakur, Jill Tiefenthaler, Fred Tinsley, Rebecca Tucker
  • Amanda Udis-Kessler
  • Matthew Whitehead, Barbara Whitten, Armin Wishard, Sarah Withee, Peter Wright
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  1. Pete Bansen says:

    The article doesn’t state it, but this appears to be members of the faculty who are published authors; it doesn’t seem to include alumni.

  2. Karen says:

    The books by CC faculty and staff published 2011-today are:

    Noel Black, Moby K. Dick and Uselysses
    Joan Ericson (co-editor), Manga “Botchan”
    John Gould, The Politics of Privatization
    Steven Hayward, Don’t Be Afraid
    Anne Hyde, Empires, Nations & Families
    David Mason, Two Minds of a Western Poet
    Jessy Randall (with Daniel M. Shapiro), Interruptions: Collaborative Poems
    Andrea Righi, Biopolitics and Social Change in Italy
    John Simons (with Robert Merrill), Peckinpah’s Tragic Westerns
    Larry Stimpert (with Irene Duhaime and Julie Chesley), Strategic Thinking
    Rebecca Tucker (with Paul Crenshaw), Discovering Leonardo

    Tom Cronin (with Michael Genovese), Leadership Matters
    Tom Cronin and Robert Loevy, Colorado Politics and Policy
    David Mason, The Scarlet Libretto
    C.J. Pascoe, Dude, You’re a Fag (2nd ed.)
    Jessy Randall, Injecting Dreams into Cows
    Tomi-Ann Roberts (co-editor),The Sexualization of Girls and Girlhood

    Tamara Bentley, The Figurative Works of Chen Hongshou
    Tom Cronin (with Michael Genovese) The Paradoxes of the American Presidency (4th ed.)
    Eve Grace (co-editor), The Challenge of Rousseau

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