The Doors at CC Homecoming, 1967

photo from 1968 CC yearbook

On October 21, 1967, the Doors played at Colorado College’s homecoming dance at the Broadmoor Hotel. CC alumnus Tom Reynolds donated his tape of the concert to Tutt Library in 2005. It contains four Doors songs: “Break on Through (to the Other Side),” “People Are Strange,” “Back Door Man,” and “Light My Fire.” It also contains two songs by the Broadway Shell and Muse Band (formerly the Ceeds).

We cannot make copies of the recording, but visitors are welcome to listen to it here in Special Collections. Just request recording 285 from our collection of CC Audio Recordings.

3 thoughts on “The Doors at CC Homecoming, 1967

    1. ccspecialcollections

      I’m glad you found this, then! It’s the only picture we have from the concert. If you have memories of that night, we’d love to hear them! You could email and we could add your memories to our small archive of materials about the Doors.


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