Fine press books from Yolla Bolly

In April of 2008, Special Collections received three books published by the Yolla Bolly Press: Andre Gide’s Theseus (translated by John Russell, drawings by Sidney Goodman, 85 copies printed); Robinson Jeffers’s Roan Stallion (woodcuts by Karin Wikstrom, 135 copies printed) and Samuel Beckett’s translation of Bread of Days: Eleven Mexican Poets (notes on the poets by Octavio Paz, commentary by Paz and Eliot Weinberger, etchings by Enrique Chagoya, 141 copies printed, sample illustrations with this post). The donor, a CC graduate, wishes to remain anonymous.

The Yolla Bolly Press, a letterpress in Covelo, California, has been in business since 1974. Their books are sumptuous and beautifully made. We invite you to visit Special Collections and see these books and other fine press and limited edition artists’ books in person.

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