CC faculty ball team, 1896

Did they play baseball or softball? We’re not sure. Marshall Sprague’s Newport in the Rockies identifies almost all the players and the “fair [female] rooting section,” starting at the top, from left to right: Professor Lewis Ahlers (German), right field; Dean Edward S. Parsons (English), pitcher; Reverend Philip Washburn, first base; Professor Florian Cajori (Physics), left field; Professor Arthur Stearns (Elocution), catcher; Professor Francis W. Cragin (Geology), second base; Librarian Manly Ormes, center field; Telegraph Editor Charles Sprague, third base; President Slocum, shortstop. The women in the coach are (left to right) Nina Lunt, Mabel Stearns (behind bar), Faith Gregg, Regina Lunt, Sarah Jackson (Mrs. P.A. Loomis), Mary Noble (CC class of 1896), Foster (Flossie?) Dickerman, Mary Slocum at far right.

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